Messi & Enrique's quarrel happens & normal

Hehe, Who agrees with Xavi? He has insisted that the row behind the scenes at Barcelona between Luis Enrique and Lionel Messi will have "zero importance" for the remainder of 2014-15 and that is a normal thing.

Reports surfaced that the pair's relationship was beyond repair earlier this month, with the coach rumoured to be on the verge of the sack as Barca pleaded with Messi to stay, although recent good results have lessened the air of negativity around Camp Nou.

Defender Jeremy Mathieu broke the silence from within the Catalan club by confirming on Thursday that there was an incident in training which saw Messi and Luis Enrique engage in a heated argument.

However, veteran midfielder Xavi has insisted that there is nothing abnormal about a coach and a player falling out temporarily and suggested such moments of tension between colleagues can happen hundreds of times over the course of a season.

"[The row Mathieu spoke about] was a normal situation in a season and it often happens when people work together," he told reporters on Friday. "People want to complain, but we should not give it more importance, it happened in the heat of the moment.

"The row subject is closed, Barca are together - everybody is motivated and, honestly, we are together. Jeremy's words are not affecting us, we found a solution to that incident and moved on.

"The importance attributed to the row is zero. This is not the first time such a thing has happened, it happens with a lot of team-mates, it's just what occurs when people work together.

"We all want to win, there are sometimes stressful situations that happen during the training sessions - that happened and will happen 200 times."

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